Published On: Fri, Jul 15th, 2022

Why Does Sonic Like Chili Dogs So Much? An Investigation

Sonic with chili dogs

Throughout Sonic’s long 31-year history, the Blue Blur has almost always been seen with a chili dog in his hand. It’s been mentioned several times that he loves chili dogs and that they’re his favorite food. But…why? Why does Sonic enjoy chili dogs so much, and where did he first start liking them? Sonic’s been eating chili dogs for a very long time and hasn’t ever been seen eating much else—so where did this come from?

Sonic’s history with the great dogs of chili

Sonic saying he loves chili dogs, and then following through and eating said chili dogs, has been established several times throughout the series. In Sonic and the Black Knight’s opening, Sonic is first seen falling from the sky—while still, like a chili dog boss, holding two chili dogs in his hands. And in the 20th-anniversary title Sonic Generations, Tails gives Sonic an extra-special chili dog for his birthday. The chili dogs have even been collectibles in a number of games—including the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Sonic Unleashed, where Sonic can visit different hotdog vendors and receive special chili dogs if he completes a certain number of missions at each vendor. Chili dogs are almost always seen where Sonic is. But what’s the deal? Why not pizza? Or corn dogs? Why is his heart so set on chili dogs?

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