Published On: Wed, Jun 15th, 2022

Why Angel Maxine’s Viral TikTok, LGBTQ+ Anthem Is More Than Just Campy Fun

Angel Maxine singing her song Wo Fi in front of a large LGBTQ+ flag. Image: screencap.

One of the most catchy songs on TikTok right now is Angel Maxine’s Wo Fie featuring Wanlov the Kubolor & Sister Deborah. It started appearing on my FYP (for you page) in late May, as people began their pre-game stretch in dealing with the wave of corporate rainbow washing with a temporarily adjusted logo or Pride-themed products, despite most of these same companies bankrolling politicians that write anti-LGBTQ+ bills. Like many TikTok hits, this was going viral because it became a meme. While some of the TikToks sharing it still showed a bit of the music video (very rare), it was still a meme.

Upon a second look at the song, you realize that amidst all the memes, you’ve missed its defiant and brave nature. Created by Ghana’s first openly transgender music artist Angel Maxine, Wo Fie (a.k.a. Your Home) exists in a country where “unnatural carnal knowledge” (gay sex) could net you three years in prison. According to Reuters, prosecutions are rare, but blackmail and harm still occur. Often cut out of the TikTok video is the clear and direct introduction speech before the song even begins. Angel looks at a mirror while the text reads,

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