Published On: Sun, Aug 21st, 2022

‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Has Nandor and Laszlo Fighting the…Jersey Devil?

Nandor and Laszlo with the Jersey Devil they killed on What We Do In The Shadows

Every new episode of What We Do In The Shadows brings us deeper into the lore of the world and while we have werewolves and fairies and a black market that you can get to by taking the subway, the most recent episode of the FX series brought something terrifying to life: the Jersey Devil. And not just any Jersey Devil, but one that you have to defeat using Jersey music. The vampires take him out by luring him with Bon Jovi music and I have to assume that the Devil would not respond accordingly to Bruce Springsteen and that does hurt my soul.

The episode titled “Pine Barrens” takes us away from Staten Island as Laszlo, Nandor, and the being that crawled out of Colin Robinson leave for a boy’s trip, while Nadja and Guillermo stay back at the house (even though they both think they’re alone). And while there is plenty going on throughout the episode, the inclusion of the Jersey Devil really is something so hilariously smart that you wouldn’t even think about it.

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