Published On: Mon, Apr 20th, 2020

Twitter Wonders About #IfTonyStarkWereInCharge Because Our Real Leader Is Disappointing

Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War

Tony Stark is a billionaire who once was the “merchant of death” because of his weapons. Being forced to literally face his own weaponry, Tony left that life behind him and tried to be the best he could, and thus dedicated his life and resources to helping the world. So yes, right now, we’re thinking about what it would be like if Tony Stark were in charge, and honestly, it hurts my soul.

It makes sense that we want to think about Tony Stark being in charge for multiple reasons. Right now, we have a fake billionaire in charge, and he was more of a failed businessman than anything in the realm of a politician before running for president. Comparing that to a fictional billionaire who at least has some understanding of … anything is sadly our new norm, and of course, we’re not surprised that the only rich white dude who would actually fix things for us is imaginary.

I also like that, with Tony Stark, no one assumed he’d be president, just that he’d still be an Avenger and would willingly help because that’s just how he is. So, Twitter decided to take a trip down the lane of “what could be” and shared what they thought Tony Stark would do if he were in charge. Honestly, it made me so sad, because at least we wouldn’t have people taking to the streets to protest like this is some terrible infringement on their freedom instead of something we all have to do in order to save lives.

And honestly, we know that the president would either be Pepper Potts or James Rhodes, if we’re going down that route.

My favorite thing about this entire hashtag were the Trump supporters replying to tweets as if … Tony Stark could physically be in charge of anything. Not only is he dead in his fictional form, but he’s … well … fictional.

Anyway, we all know that he’d call up Bruce Banner and Shuri, and the three of them would have had this figured out and distributed in like a week tops, but alas, we’re stuck with Donald Trump not knowing what the hell he’s doing instead. Hooray?

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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