Published On: Thu, Aug 11th, 2022

‘Tower of Fantasy’ Players, Here’s How You Can Recollect Your Launch Event Rewards

Tower of Fantasy characters together.

Is it the Genshin killer you’ve been waiting for? Probably not, but Tower of Fantasy is out now, and it offers enough new content to give miHoYo’s open-world fantasy game a run for its money.

Hotta Studio’s take on the Breath of the Wild formula throws you into a futuristic sci-fi setting complete with jetpacks, warp pads, AI-downloaded consciousness, and a gacha system just accessible enough for newbies. Honestly, Tower of Fantasy has a fair amount of new features that would benefit Genshin Impact significantly, from superior combat to vehicle mounts. At the very least, miHoYo should probably pay attention to its competitor’s game.

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