Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2022

This Wildly Successful RPG Is Getting an Anime Adaptation

Shot from the promotional trailer for UFOTABLE's Genshin Impact anime, featuring Lumine and Aether

Friends, the inevitable has finally happened. After becoming a bonafide global sensation upon its release in 2020, HoYoverse’s open-world, gacha-based action RPG Genshin Impact is getting an anime adaptation. To make a big story even bigger, there’s the matter of which studio is providing its services. Because the anime studio in question is ufotable, which is presently famous for its much-heralded adaption of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba.

Given Genshin‘s anime aesthetic, I often find it necessary to remind the uninitiated that Genshin wasn’t produced by a Japanese studio. HoYoverse is based in China. So that’s a nice — and honestly refreshing — bit of international cooperation, eh? Somewhat ironically, the second season of Demon Slayer was censored a bit in China.

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