Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

This Moana/Hamilton Mashup Is a Straight Shot to Your Tear Ducts

Have you been watching Moana on repeat since it came to Netflix last month? Yeah, me too. And is the Hamilton soundtrack on regular rotation in your earbuds? Yup. If that describes you, you’re used to musical numbers piercing into your heart and draining your tear ducts. But for ultimate musical masochism, why not combine the two?

The concept behind this mashup is simple. As YouTube user lazyAntagonist writes, Moana’s emotional anthem “How Far I’ll Go” sounded familiar, and when the chorus hit, it immediately made her think of another tearjerker, Hamilton’s “Take a Break.”

This isn’t too surprising, given Lin-Manuel Miranda was the mind behind both songs. It’s also not the first time his Moana work has been crossed with Hamilton.

But it’s also not too much a stretch to imagine a connection thematically. “How Far You’ll Go If You Take a Break” is just the story of a young girl who longs to be out at sea. But that type of yearning can be exhausting. So, you know, take a break. Let’s go upstate. Where there’s a lake I know… in a nearby park… you and I can go when the night gets dark.

See, it works!

I’d also like to nominate “You’re Welcome” with Daveed Diggs singing Maui as Thomas Jefferson.

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