Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2022

This May Be the Biggest ‘Minecraft’ Build of All Time

Minecraft black hole. Image: screencap Chrisdacow.

Earlier this month, ChrisDaChow decided to do the impossible and create the universe. Not just our solar system or the Milky Way Galaxy, but the known universe. Any semi-familiar with the wider Minecraft community (especially those that utilize creative mode) knows that expansive and creative builds are part of the game. However, this might just be the biggest project undertaken by a single builder in Minecraft history.

Chris began with creating the Earth, which took three days, and it only got harder as he started to build. One of the first major elements he built (outside of The Milky Way) is the structure depicted in the famous 1995 image known as The Pillar of Creation. You can see it about 12 seconds into the video. Roughly 6,500 light years away, image sows gas and dust in the region of Eagle Nebula, ejecting new stars.

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