Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2022

This Daredevil Moment in ‘She-Hulk’ Is Blatantly Trolling Twitter Manbabies, and I Love It

Illustration from the end credits of She-Hulk, showing Daredevil carrying his shoes down the sidewalk. Two small music notes are by his mouth, indicating that he's whistling.

Episode 8 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was such a gift to fans. Not only did Daredevil (Charlie Cox) finally make his grand entrance, but HE AND JEN HOOKED UP. They didn’t make us wait for the season finale—they just up and did it right away! That ethereal hum you hear in the air is the combined bliss of countless Marvel fans. Matt and Jen are now the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s hottest power couple, and we’re over the Moon for them. (So what if Matt lives in New York? They’ll figure it out.)

To recap: When Jen represents Eugene Patilio (A.K.A. Leap-Frog) in his lawsuit against designer Luke Jacobson, Matt shows up to represent Luke. After trouncing Jen in court, Matt buys her a drink, and then the two team up to free Luke after Eugene kidnaps him and forces him to make a new Leap-Frog suit. Then they do what any self-respecting super team would do if they’re feeling frisky: They go back to Jen’s place to have some fantastic sex.

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