Published On: Mon, Nov 14th, 2022

Things We Saw Today: The Return of Doctor Manhattan??

Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen comic

Big news for DC fans today when the comics behemoth teased the return of the next Doctor Manhattan, aka “The Watchman. DC’s The New Golden Age #1 sets up Clark Dreiberg’s return, the character who became the successor to the original Doctor Manhattan the Doomsday Clock limited series. Fans might recall that Manhattan raised Dreiberg, the biological son of Mime and Marionette, named his Clark (after Clark Kent) and transferred the last of his powers to him before fading away. What will his return mean for the DC comic universe, and more importantly, will any of Alan Moore’s creations ever know any peace? – CBR

Meanwhile, Tiffany Trump got married over the weekend and the wedding reception is predictably… creepy. But then again, I imagine all weddings of the extremely wealthy have a big Eyes Wide Shut vibe to them.

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