Published On: Sat, Jun 4th, 2022

Things We Saw Today: The Original Black Avenger (Thick Girl) Fights in ‘The Infinity Saga’

Mel Mitchell as Thick Girl over a poster of The Avengers: Endgame. Image: Alyssa Shotwell, Mel Mitchell, and Marvel Entertainment.

Atlanta-based comedian Mel Mitch blew up on TikTok, Twitter, and more when she posted the first video of The Black Girl Avenger. Like other skits where she engages with the worlds in her favorite geek spaces, here Mitch imagines herself as Thick Girl a.k.a. the person asking all the correct questions on the superhero team.

@thebaddestmitch NEW SERIES! 😂 I love the #MCU too much not to do it. (And yes I know there are black avengers but they ain’t Mitch) go to for merch! #marvel #superhero #disneyplus #moonknight ♬ Theme from The Avengers – Movie Sounds Unlimited

After she made part two, Mitch developed an origin story where she showed off her signature move (the Booty Bump) and addressed questions about her costume. Thick Girl appears again in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War (parts one and two). As the most level-headed on the team, she lays out why both sides are wrong. However, she also ultimately follows her heart.

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