Published On: Sat, Aug 6th, 2022

Things We Saw Today: ‘The Boys’ Vought Perfectly Parodied Warner Bros. Discovery Awful Investor Call

Vought News Network still showing Homelander promoting Vought+. Image: Amazon Studios. Source:

Following the embarrassing Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) Q2 investor call headed by David Zaslav (CEO), JB Perrette (CEO & President, Global Streaming and Games), Gunnar Wiedenfels (CFO), and Andrew Slabin (EVP, Global Investor Strategy) on August 4, many, collectively, lamented the previous creative vision for Warner Bros. (and HBO Max) and laughed at the blatant sexism (and thinly veiled racism) of the backward “future” of Warner Bros. (now that the merger is in full effect). Of the many memes, one of the best came from one of The Boys‘ Twitter accounts, Vought International.

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