Published On: Tue, Apr 19th, 2022

Things We Saw Today: Incredible Zillow Listing Welcomes You To ‘Poundtown’

In an SNL sketch, Aidy Bryant holds a wooden sign reading "I am sexually promiscuous and my house is dirty."

Similar to Best of Nextdoor and the account that shares AITA Reddit posts, “Zillow Gone Wild” is a great Twitter account curating a collection of the best content its original site has to offer and sharing it all on Twitter, where followers congregate to marvel/judge the listings.

Zillow Gone Wild excels with things like ridiculous mansions designed to look like castles and midwest houses with mysterious ski lifts or dungeons/actual jails in their basements—meaning oftentimes it’s the layout and actual architecture of the homes for sale that’s the draw for commenters. Other times, as with today’s big listing, it’s the decor.

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