Published On: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2020

Things We Saw Today: Fraggle Rock Is Back!

fraggles rockin'

Maybe what we all need it some comfort and Apple TV+ is here to offer it to us with–GASP–new mini-episodes of Fraggle Rock! The new series brings back Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt for new small adventures and the first episode of what they’re calling Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock On! is available on Apple right now.

These episodes were actually filmed at home by the puppeteers, and the idea is that all the fraggles are in different plates and communicating through the caves through something called Doozer tubes which is just the fraggle internet. It’s a silly idea and I don’t care because FRAGGLES.

Seriously, this was such a big part of so many of our childhoods, and yet Fraggle Rock also feels like this thing that I’m not sure was real. It’s one of those shows that you never quite knew how to find, but always enjoyed when it was on, even if it was a bit confusing. It’s some pure Jim Henson gold, and it was great.

We all need something sweet and joyful, and it might just be this series produced at home on a bunch of iPhones! No word yet on if Marjorie the trash heap will be part of the show, but I think at this point in quarantine we all sort of could play that part ourseleves.

The first episode of  Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock On!, entitled “Shine on” is available now on Apple TV+.

(via: TVLine, image: The Jim Henson Company)

Here are some other fun things we saw today:

  • These are the Anime series affected by the pandemic. (via
  • Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman continue to “feud” for a good cause. (via HuffPo)
  • Scoob! Will follow in the footsteps of Trolls World Tour and skip directly to on-demand and rental May 15th. (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Rejoice, nerds, for Legends of Tomorrow is back tonight!

  • Check out this excerpt from Kylo Ren’s first meeting with Emperor Palpatine in William Shakespeare’s The Merry Rise of Skywalker. (via StarWars.Com)
  • Cute queer dating … in Animal Crossing? (via Autostraddle)
  • In case you needed history:
  • The idea that There Will Be Blood might be uninteresting from a feminist point of view has film Twitter up in arms. (via The Guardian)

What did you see today?

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