Published On: Sat, Jul 23rd, 2022

There’s an Animatronic Grogu at San Diego Comic-Con and I’ve Never Been More Jealous

Lifelike Animatronic Grogu Puppet at Comic-Con 2022 by EFX Collectibles and Garner Holt Productions

Adam Savage’s (Mythbusters) YouTube channel Tested is known for exploring the cutting edge of special effects, everything from set design, to costuming, to animatronics. Their most recent video highlights EFX Collectibles’ Baby Grogu, designed by the engineers and artists at Garner Holt Productions, which is on display at their San Diego Comic-Con booth.

The puppet apparently “uses 15 servos to recreate all of the character’s joyful expressions seen in The Mandalorian” and is available to view at EFX Collectibles’ Comic-Con booth 3635. They call this the “most accurate animatronic possible” thanks to working with the actual license and Legacy Effects and having had access to assets such as master patterns for the head, the ears, the hands, the fabric samples for the robe, and the paint master for the iris of the eyes. This baby is also unique for his voice box, which produces the cute little squeaks and grunts we expect from Baby Grogu.

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