Published On: Thu, Jan 5th, 2023

The Reviews Are in and Critics Love ‘M3GAN’

A queen named M3GAN watching out the window

Seeing rave reviews for something that has genuinely been hyped up and delivers feels great. And Jason Blum has been having the time of his life documenting how good the reviews for the latest Blumhouse Productions film is—and as someone who likes horror movies just fine, I truly and honestly think that M3GAN may be my favorite horror movie ever.

Have you ever just sat in a movie and thought, “Yes, this serial killer is my new best friend”? No? Well, maybe you will after you get to watch M3GAN, the killer android who just wants to look out for Cady, and her story. Even if M3GAN was just okay, watching Jason Blum excitedly talk about the movie is … honestly really funny.

The Mary Sue

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