Published On: Thu, Jun 16th, 2022

The Greatest Baking Competition Shows, Ranked

great british bake off baking show

Everyone loves a good baking/cooking competition show. They are a bit of light-hearted drama, generally feature some educational baking tips, and never fail to astound with the kind of creations their contestants come up with. Whether you are a baking enthusiast or not, baking competitions offer timeless fun for almost any audience. Meanwhile, each show offers its own unique premise that gives it a competitive edge over other shows.

What is best about these baking competitions is that they are bit more realistic and more palatable than other reality shows. There’s not very much room for producers to manipulate the scene or script it. Nor is there a whole lot of opportunity for over-the-top melodrama. Instead, it largely just allows normal people the chance to share their talents with the rest of the world. Not only that, but shows like the Great British Bake Off have been proven to increase interest in home baking. Whether you’re a baker yourself or not, you can’t help but be inspired by the passion and dedication these contestants show. Here are the best baking competition shows, ranked from worst to best.

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