Published On: Tue, May 31st, 2022

The Best Anime From Every Decade

New Evangelion stuff. What does it mean? Who knows.

Asking some rooms of people what the best anime is could start a fight. It’s a question that tends to elicit very strong emotions, because anime generates strong emotional ties. I’ve already stated, for example, what I think the best single episode of anime is. But comparing a series that has run for twenty-five years to a series constructed only to have twelve episodes is kind of like comparing apples to a walrus. Is it even possible to break down the best anime of every decade?

Dear reader, I have tried. When the decade in question was a difficult one to narrow down (so, all of them), I found the criteria I relied most on was legacy. Was there a certain beloved series from each decade that left an indelible stamp on the genre and/or its reception, without which the world of anime wouldn’t be the same? The answer, for each decade, was usually “yes.”

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