Published On: Wed, Aug 24th, 2022

The Best Animated Movies of All Time

Shrek smiling unconvincingly in Shrek.

You know, I didn’t realize how intensely people felt about animation until I started writing online content. To help get a better, more rounded sense of how people consume and engage with modern media, I started watching video essays of various types, and as it turns out, a lot of people have very, very particular opinions about the state of modern animation.

And for good reason! Modern animation is suffering from an identity crisis. On one hand, you have people who genuinely do it out of love, and who struggle to gain footing in the capitalistic hellscape that is The Industry. On the other hand, you have moguls who lean into that hellscape to produce a bunch of regurgitated garbage that they know parents with small children will buy into, regardless of quality. For people who grew up with beautiful, creative, and ingenious animated films, it can feel like an insult, and a harbinger of worse times to come for films in general.

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