Published On: Sun, Sep 4th, 2022

The Best and Most Underrated Game of All Time

Sometimes, a beautiful thing is made and everyone appreciates it, like a really good cake, or a middle schooler who isn’t insufferable, or these Zelda games. Sometimes a horrible thing is made, and no one appreciates it, like a really bad cake, or every other middle schooler in existence, or these god awful video game film adaptations. Sometimes something horrible is made but everyone appreciates it, like smelly cheeses, or IPAs, or Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.

But sometimes, something really beautiful is made and no one appreciates it, like this game. It’s the most tragic of outcomes, but hope is not lost. Sometimes it just takes one keyed-up Mary Sue author to break into your apartment in the middle of the night, crawl into your bed as you sleep, and grab you by the shoulders screaming “PLAY THIS GAME PLAY THIS GAME PLAY THIS GAME” before vaulting out the sixth floor window and leaving no body behind in the street below.

The Mary Sue

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