Published On: Sun, Dec 25th, 2022

The 12 Best LGBTQ+ Shows on Netflix

Nick and Charlie snow

Over the years, there has not bee nearly enough LGBTQ+ representation in TV and film. Though things are slowly improving, even today, some countries will ban films such as Eternals or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for merely featuring LGBTQ+ characters or actors. However, there are many platforms working to keep the LGBTQ+ presence strong.

Netflix, especially, has been growing their selection of inclusive films and TV shows. In fact, they’ve even added the genre LGBTQ to their platform. This means you can easily filter shows and movies to specifically find Netflix’s array of LGBTQ+ content. The majority of Netflix’s LGBTQ+ shows are Netflix originals. Additionally, many of them are high quality and have received glowing reviews from critics. These shows are thoughtful, inclusive, and represent the LGBTQ+ community well.

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