Published On: Fri, Oct 28th, 2022

The 10 Best ‘House of the Dragon’ Memes

Aemond Targaryen realises that he just brought a whole lot of troubles on his family on House of the Dragon

After being lost for years without Game of Thrones, we have finally found our way to the Seven Kingdoms again with House of the Dragon. In the ten episodes of season one, we got dragons, incest that we all started to ship, and a trash prince. Not to mention drama for days.

With the huge fanbase of HotD, there were the inevitable memes. Maybe it is because I am deep into the fandom, but I feel people have really outdone themselves with some of these hilarious takes on such a serious show. It has been like therapy for all the ups and downs we have had with the show. To celebrate the end of season one, we have assembled the best memes from the realm.

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