Published On: Fri, Oct 14th, 2022

The 10 Best Horror Comedy Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

alice in Bodies Bodies Bodies

This time of year is serious, alright (cue the playful laughter)! Meaning that Halloween is no laughing matter—until you’re watching a horror comedy, then hopefully it is. Trust me when I say that I’m all about the flat-out scares, where I’m clutching my invisible pearls and screaming at my screen. But there are times where I’m itching for some horror that’s supposed to make me laugh. That’s something that people don’t always think horror should do.

Fact of the matter is that horror comedies aren’t always taken seriously. Sometimes they’re shrugged off as meaningless shlock, when in reality us horror fans are allowed some laughter! We can be scared and then cackle in the same breath. And given these past couple of years, laughter is needed even if just for a moment. Certified shlock or not, it’s fucking needed sometimes.

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