Published On: Sat, Nov 12th, 2022

The 10 Best Anime Gifts To Give The Otaku In Your Life

So you’ve been seeing someone for a little while. They’re super sweet, quirky, and tons of fun. You two have amazing chemistry, and sometimes you lay awake listening to them breathe thinking they could be the one. You’ve just taken a huge step in your relationship. They’ve decided that they can trust you enough to come out to you as an anime nerd. And when I say “nerd” I mean full blooded otaku. They’re obsessed. You’re not exactly familiar with those people, but you’re willing to try new things. After all, they’re the love of your life, right? And you want to show your appreciation for them by getting them a gift. But you don’t know anime very well, so you have no idea what they’d like! Have no fear, with this list, you’ll find the perfect gift to elevate your relationship from “going steady” to “canonically shipped.”

10. This Survey Corps Blanket/Hoodie

If your partner is into anime, then that means that they’re into being comfortable. Anime is best enjoyed at night in comfy clothes with a steaming bowl of ramen. You’re still figuring out instant ramen, but you know that you can provide the comfort. This Attack on Titan hoodie perfect for getting your otaku to S-rank comfort levels. Because it isn’t really a hoodie. It’s a heavy flannel blanket with a hood which is even better. Think of the OPTIONS here. Your otaku can wear it around the house all day solo and then you two can snuggle up under it while they explain to you what a “waifu” is. If you get them this, odds are you’re gonna be one soon enough.

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