Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2022

‘Stray’ Video Game Memes Have Invaded Twitter and They’re Purrfect

Promotional image from Stray

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve likely heard at least a murmur about Stray. Stray is a video game—made by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna—in which you wander around a post-apocalyptic robot society as a lone cat trying to make your way home. It’s like if Untitled Goose Game took place in the world of Final Fantasy VII, with a penchant for Legend of Zelda-like environmental puzzles—but cat. In other words, it’s absolutely phenomenal. And the internet, which is famously always down for a good cat friend, is beside itself.

Ever since Stray was announced in 2020, Twitter lovingly dubbed it “The Cat Game.” Because cat. We love a good cat. And this cat looks a lot like one of my cats, and one of the main robot characters shares his name with my other cat. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, The Cat Game fully lived up to its hype. What makes Stray so special is the team behind it is so obviously full of cat people. Your protagonist is a normal cat, doing everything a normal cat would do, and nothing that a normal cat wouldn’t do. My favorite moment so far in my playthrough: when B-12, your companion, puts a vest on the cat, he immediately flops on his side dejectedly, then slinks weirdly for a while when he walks. My cat did the same thing the first time we put on his stress vest. Classic cat.

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