Published On: Sun, Oct 30th, 2022

Review: Kindra Neely’s ‘Numb to This’ Is an Unforgettable Memoir of Survival and Cautious Hope

Numb to This by Kindra Neely

Kindra Neely’s powerful graphic novel debut, Numb to This, is a searing, personal, and wholly unforgettable memoir. Through stunning art, Neely chronicles her experience surviving a mass shooting and the painful aftermath in which she dealt with trauma while the rest of the world looked on numbly. Neely is a comic artist, author, and graduate of The Savannah College of Art of Design. However, the start of her career and her journey in art began in Oregon at Umpqua Community College.

As described in Numb to This, Neely and her mother moved to Oregon from Texas when Neely was 13. The reason for their move was a rise in gun violence in their Texas neighborhood. The occurrence of a drive-by shooting just a few houses down from them motivated their move to Oregon. In Oregon, she had a sense of safety. It was her mother’s hometown, the schools had chill security guards, she spent her free time swimming in the river with her friends, and enrolled at UCC after graduating high school.

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