Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2022

Pointing Out Dr. Oz’s New Jersey Roots Isn’t Xenophobic, but Republican Response to Him Has Been

Dr. Oz speaks and gestures at a podium

I feel like I need to start by saying I absolutely despise Dr. Mehmet Oz. Not only is he a snake oil salesman who has tricked my family and (indirectly) me into buying various supplements to manage weight, but since the pandemic began, he’s gotten worse by promoting vaccine disinformation and swiftly becoming a reality TV star promoting fascism. However, people being racist or xenophobic towards him is totally out of line. A recent comment made by political science expert Brendan Nyhan online misattributed memes about Oz not being a Pennsylvania-native as he’s competing to represent the state in the Senate, is not that, though.

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