Published On: Tue, Apr 26th, 2022

New Alternative Social Media App (BeReal) Built To Avoid Worst Issues on Instagram, Etc.

Hand hold phone with Be Real app open. Image: Alyssa Shotwell & BeReal.

An alternative to Instagram, Snapchat, and—to a degree—TikTok is climbing the App Store’s charts: BeReal. Currently number three in “social networking” at a 4.8/5 rating and on a steep incline in download numbers since February, the app is placing itself in firm opposition to the other big social media apps. One part of the description reads, “BeReal won’t make you famous, if you want to become [an] influencer, you can stay on TikTok and Instagram.”

The app encourages (and, in some cases, forces) users to not utilize filters, plandids, and other curated elements that make Instagram a place for influencers to sell a product or lifestyle in an often disingenuous way. You take a photo and go. This more relaxed approach to social media that encourages being real (while being safe) could avoid issues of increased depression and bad self-image that are linked to Facebook-related apps.

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