Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2022

Netflix’s ‘Bee and Puppycat’ Reboot Is Perfect

Bee and Puppycat observe the sky in their jammies

Originally, I’d intended to finish this article a lot closer to Bee and Puppycat’s Netflix release date (September 6). However, that proved to be an overly ambitious goal, as well as a naive one: the magic that pulled us into this beloved series in the first place got a hold on me, and instead of bingeing it all in one go, I found myself entranced in its dreamlike state. To me, bingeing a show like this would have been akin to chugging a gallon of cake and pudding: delicious and sleep-inducing, but too quick to really enjoy what I was doing.

Indeed, I’ve found the Netflix reboot of Bee and Puppycat to be something of a miracle. It’s a reboot that somehow hasn’t taken anything away from its source material, instead adding on it, like putting more stars in its already starry galaxy. The dreamlike quality is still there, the trippyness is still delightfully odd and unique to its own tone, and there is still a subtle feeling of warmth and coziness to the whole thing that, once you realize it’s there, has completely enveloped you.

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