Published On: Wed, Oct 12th, 2022

Michigan Library Defunded After Residents Falsey Call “Heartstopper,” Other LGBTQ+ Books ‘Pornography’

Hearstopper comic panel show the main characters kissing. Image: Alise Oseman.

Having recently read the first four volumes of the YA graphic novel Heartstopper by Alise Oseman, I’d probably describe the books as “sweet, vulnerable, and warm.” This is something that the show manages to capture so well, by the way, while being a show targeted toward teens. However, a handful of Michiganders in Jamestown (township) see the inclusion of these books in the collection of the Patmos Library as the complete opposite and are citing these novels and four others as “pornography” that they believe shouldn’t be allowed in the public library.

The complaint started with the same book that’s spurred much of Chris “CRT” Rufo’s panic, and if you guessed it was the top book challenged in 2021, you’d be correct. Despite Maia Kobabe‘s YA graphic memoir Gender Queer being placed in the adult section, this local conservative group wasn’t content. They argued that Gender Queer and four other titles (this is where Heartstopper comes in) should not be allowed in the library because they fail to recognize “sex” isn’t just a verb and even when it is, that doesn’t mean something is pornographic.

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