Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2022

Kim Kitsuragi Is a Fantastic Example of a Mixed-Asian Character (And Why It Matters)

Kim Kitsuragi and Harry Du Bois in the Disco Elysium header art

It took a very measured and patient campaign of waiting, but eventually, the popular video game Disco Elysium went on sale, and I finally got a chance to give it a shot. I knew I’d probably end up loving it as much as everyone else, but by extension, I was curious to see why everyone loved the character Kim Kitsuragi so much.

Kitsuragi is the protagonist’s “sidekick,” but the role he fills is much more than that. He’s Harry’s rock, and often the voice of reason and sanity that can pull a dangerous and nonsensical situation back to baseline. What I think people love the most about him, however, is that he’s largely nonjudgmental, or at the very least he’s very tolerant. While he may not always approve of what Harry does or says, he’s pretty steady with his loyalty to his partner; of course, whether or not Harry respects that loyalty can affect many important plot points down the line.

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