Published On: Tue, Jun 14th, 2022

Johnny Depp Is Already Heading Back to Court for Assault Allegation Following Defamation Case

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Just about a week after the jury’s ruling in Johnny Depp’s defamation case against Amber Heard, he is headed back to court after Greg Brooks sued him for assault. While the accusation is unrelated to the defamation case, it is still concerning. The defamation case arose because Heard wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post identifying as a survivor of abuse. Depp was not named in the article, but many assumed it was about him.

British tabloid The Sun published an article calling him a “wife beater,” and Depp first sued The Sun for libel, but he lost this case when the jury ruled Heard’s claims were “substantially true.” This led to Depp suing Heard for $ 50 million for defamation in the United States. Depp claimed he lost work and had his reputation damaged by her op-ed. Not only did he vehemently deny Heard’s allegations, but also alleged that she was the abuser in the relationship. Heard countersued for $ 100 million, stating that Depp was the abuser and that his and his lawyers’ denial of her claims also defamed her.

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