Published On: Tue, Sep 13th, 2022

John Oliver Points Out New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss Has Gotten a Bit of a Free Pass on Her BS This Week

A close-up of Liz Truss smirking

Last week, UK Conservative Party leader Liz Truss took over as Prime Minister after Boris Johnson stepped down amid a COVID-19 “Partygate” scandal and sprawling government crisis. On the most recent Last Week Tonight, John Oliver ripped into Truss, noting that she’s basically gotten a free pass this week as everyone’s too distracted by other British drama to fully notice her ineptitude.

Oliver played a clip of a recent interview with the woman he calls “Margaret Thatcher if she were high on glue” as well as “dollar-store British Leslie Knope.” The clip is pretty typical of Truss’ brand of conservative inanity, as it features her railing against a sort of strawman socialism.

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