Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2022

Is a ‘Coraline 2’ on the Way? Here’s What We Know

the other mother in coraline
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With the release of Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman, Neil Gaiman has once again left us all wanting for more renditions of his work. The English author is best known for his numerous fantasy novels and his love for making small connections across his books (kind of like a mini-universe). Still, there’s one story, in particular, fans are longing to see a direct sequel of: Coraline. 

First published in 2002, Coraline is a dark fantasy and follows its titular character as she moves into a new home—that oddly contains a door that leads to a parallel (and much scarier) alternate universe where everyone has black buttons for eyes. The book was turned into a much beloved and highly acclaimed stop motion film directed by Henry Selick, which starred actress Dakota Fanning as the voice of Coraline. It also went on to be nominated for both an Oscar and a BAFTA, and almost two decades later, fans are left still hoping for more.

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