Published On: Sat, Dec 24th, 2022

INTERVIEW: Mary McCartney Gets Honest About Abbey Road in ‘If These Walls Could Sing’

Paul McCartney sitting with a guitar in 'If These Walls Could Sing'

The last two years have been great for fans of The Beatles. For me personally, it has been bittersweet. My graduation gifts from high school included my mom taking me to London where I went to Abbey Road and did the walk across the street and my dad taking me to a Paul McCartney concert. So since his fairly recent passing, it’s been hard for me to watch documentaries about the band he loved so much.

Get Back was hard and If These Walls Could Sing hurt in a different way because I got to speak with Mary McCartney, director of the documentary and daughter of Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney. It was a big moment in my career when I wanted to call my dad and tell him about it and I couldn’t. I said as much when I got to speak with McCartney about her film, which documents the history of Abbey Road long before the Beatles began recording there and what has happened since.

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