Published On: Tue, Jan 24th, 2023

INTERVIEW: Lacretta Talks ‘Night Court’ and Finding Gurgs

Lacretta as Donna in Night Court

The joy that Night Court brought audiences back in the 80s came from its characters. Whether you loved Harry Stone, Dan Fielding, Bull, or anyone else who came into the Night Court, you found happiness in their collective togetherness late at night in New York City. And the reboot series that brings John Larroquette back as Dan Fielding with Melissa Rauch as Abby Stone (Harry’s daughter) is that same kind of joy.

This series has a different kind of “Bull” character, the lovable but often dull man who served as the court’s bailiff. The new series has Donna. Played by Lacretta, Donna is known as “Gurgs” and she is someone who just wants to be good at her job. Which sometimes doesn’t work out the best. In the pilot, she has to solve who is moving the letters around on her board and despite it being easy for Abby to figure out, Gurgs struggles and it is her dedication to the court that makes her character so sweet.

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