Published On: Tue, Aug 2nd, 2022

INTERVIEW: B.J. Novak Talks Podcasts and True Crime For His New Movie ‘Vengeance’

B.J. Novak with airpods in Vengeance

B.J. Novak is known as the kind of actor and performer who is hilarious but tends to play deeply cynical characters, the perfect example of this being Ryan Howard on The Office, but in Novak’s latest film, Vengeance, we get to not only see Novak shine in the starring role, but he also directed and wrote the film. And it’s a deep look into the digital age and podcasting, our own fascination with that, and how it separates us from each other and the thing we’re immersing ourselves in.

Getting to talk with Novak about the film, one of the questions on my mind was what inspired him to write this story in the first place. The movie follows Ben (Novak) as he heads to Texas for the funeral of a girl he used to hook up with. When he gets there, her brother Ty (Boyd Holbrook) tells Ben that he doesn’t think his sister died from an overdose but, instead, was murdered, and Ben, who is trying to find a podcast angle to take himself from a prolific writer to a famous podcaster, realizes that this is his moment.

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