Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2022

If You’re Mad That Students Will Have Some Debt Forgiven Because You Didn’t, Just Know That Everyone Hates You

Joe Biden gestures while speaking passionately into a podium microphone.

When Joe Biden announced he would be forgiving $ 10,000 of student loan debt for millions of Americans, there seemed to be only two reactions: that Biden’s plan doesn’t do enough, and that it does too much. Speaking as someone firmly in the former group, I would like to personally invite everyone in the latter group to get bent.

A lot of Republicans are opposing Biden’s plan, claiming that it does too much, goes too far, and will encourage students in the future to take out exorbitant amounts, knowing they’ll just be forgiven in the end. That, it should be obvious, is nonsense. We’re talking about $ 10,000 for most people, that’s not the Super Lotto. Also, there are lots of other details in Biden’s plan that only apply to people who don’t take out more than $ 12,000 in loans while in school. There’s literally no incentive for people to take out more money than they already would have but this will very likely encourage people who wouldn’t have thought college a possibility to consider attending.

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