Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2023

If You Watch Anything This Year, Watch These Shows

Yellowjackets, Loki, and The Last Of Us composite

The startling amount of television series, both animated and live-action, taking the reins in 2023 is otherworldly. From returning favorites to new and alluring storylines, there’s a series for everyone. Our watchlists are long, our hearts are beating fast with anticipation, and our schedules are starting to become properly busy, as we look ahead to the diverse lineup 2023 has to offer.

While this list only has our top ten anticipated series, know that the bounty of shows is overflowing with potential. This is just where we would start first, with a bit of a bias toward watching extremely well-written television. So if that’s something you’re into, a few of these might make your watchlist.

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