Published On: Sun, Dec 25th, 2022

I’d Happily Celebrate Christmas With Poppy Li

My fellow mixed-Asian wife, Poppy Li, hard at work.

I’m finally getting all caught up on Mythic Quest‘s third season, which has reunited me with my one true love, Poppy Li. I began this catch-up with the Christmas episode, wherein there were the usual office antics, and then: a little game of tug-of-war between Poppy and Ian, who both claimed they were only there for one another. Both are probably true and wrong. But I’m not here for Ian (especially after this last episode). I’m here for my girl. The sort of girl who’d absolutely turn down my proposal but I’d get down on one knee anyways just for her.

Poppy is pretty much the AAPI woman protagonist I’ve been waiting for for a long, long time, and it took me until this season to realize it. Poppy is a jerk. She’s ambitious and self-absorbed, she’s crass, and she washes her hair so infrequently, you can bet on seeing a disgusting film of grease on her head in more than half of the scenes she’s in.

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