Published On: Fri, Dec 23rd, 2022

How ‘Naruto’ and a PETA Court Case Could Strike a Blow Against AI Art

Naruto Monkey Selfie

I don’t really care if an artificial intelligence system called Skynet takes over the world like it did in Terminator. However, I do have a problem with the rise in AI “art” and what it means for human artists. There’s a guy trying to make money off of an AI-generated children’s book. A real-world major book publisher is trying to use AI cover art for an upcoming novel. If that wasn’t bad enough, these AI monsters are trying to come after our fanfiction. I’m telling you now, that is a line you do not cross.

Are we doomed to be flooded with strange AI art creations with no legal recourse? Earlier this year, the tide seemed to be going that way when the U.S. Copyright Office gave copyright protections to a writer who used AI-generated art in their comic book. Now the Copyright Office is reviewing the decision because the law states: “To qualify as a work of ‘authorship’ a work must be created by a human being. Works that do not satisfy this requirement are not copyrightable.” It looks like we may already have a law in place to battle the evil AI artist—and we have a monkey named Naruto to thank for it.

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