Published On: Sun, Nov 6th, 2022

HBO Max’s ‘The White Lotus’ Is Back, So Let’s Talk About How Much Everyone Sucks

The team at White Lotus greeting guests

Oh the rich people we love to hate are back! White Lotus first took us to Hawaii with so many rich families and their petty issues that we couldn’t figure out who we actually enjoyed watching. Now, we’re heading to Sicily in the acclaimed Mike White HBO Max series about the fictional, fancy White Lotus hotel resort chain, and season 2 has brought us a more varied group of people. There are still plenty of people to hate, though.

What’s great about the premiere episode, which hit HBO Max on October 30th, was that we got a brief look into the new guests (all of them being rich Americans) as they got to their Italian vacation. So far, the only person from Sicily that has made this list is Valentina because wow does she give Armond a run for his money. Going through our introductions to these characters, let’s rank them from characters I would (at current) protect and those I am going to love hate-watching each week.

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