Published On: Thu, May 19th, 2022

Get Pumped: There’s Going To Be a One Piece-Themed Gym in Tokyo

Concept art of Tokyo's new One Piece gym, BragMen

For me, the saddest location-casuality of the COVID-19 pandemic was One Piece Tower: an indoor theme park dedicated to the series nestled within the lower floors of Tokyo Tower. Nothing except another One Piece theme park could replace this hole in my heart. (Yes, there’s a One Piece seasonal roller coaster at Universal Studios Japan, but that’s not the same.) However, no matter how wild my daydreams about potential One Piece attractions get, reality somehow manages to be weirder. It’s no One Piece Tower, but there’s going to be a One Piece-inspired gym opening in Tokyo.

To make this story even more bizarre, the name of the gym is … wait for it … ONE PIECE FITNESS BragMen. Yes, BragMen, which may be the greatest name ever conceived for a gym. The name actually does have a grounding in One Piece lore, though it has nothing to do with physical fitness and is obscure enough that even I—The Mary Sue’s Official One Piece Correspondent™ —had to jog my memory. Brag Men is the book Nami had read which contained a portion, written by an explorer, explaining the origins of the name “Little Garden.” While no other stories from Brag Men have been specifically enumerated within the series, it contains stories of the Grand Line that are so ridiculous, the tales are thought to be lies. However, a copy of it can be seen among Ohara’s library (RIP).

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