Published On: Tue, Oct 11th, 2022

Geena Davis Accuses Bill Murray of Harassment in New Memoir

Bill Murray at a movie premiere

In her latest memoir, Dying of Politeness, Geena Davis discusses working with Bill Murray on the set of Quick Change (1990). And like many of Murray’s female co-stars, her experience was not a pleasant. Davis wrote that Murray (who starred in and co-directed the film) screamed at her for being late (while she was waiting for costuming) in front of the cast and crew. Murray also used a massager called The Thumper on her when they first met, despite her asking him to stop. “That was bad,” Davis said in an interview with The Times. “The way he behaved at the first meeting… I should have walked out of that or profoundly defended myself, in which case I wouldn’t have got the part.” She added, “I could have avoided that treatment if I’d known how to react or what to do during the audition, … But, you know, I was so non-confrontational that I just didn’t…”

Murray was recently accused of behaving inappropriately on the set of  ‘Being Mortal’. The film, which is written, directed by, and starring Aziz Ansari, suspended production in light of the complaints. Murray told CNBC host Becky Quick, “I did something I thought was funny, and it wasn’t taken that way.” But new details have surfaced that Murray didn’t just make an off-putting joke. According to Puck News, Murray allegedly straddled a female production assistant and kissed her through face masks. Murray quietly settled the allegation with a $ 100,000 payment.

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