Published On: Mon, Oct 31st, 2022

From Horror Films to Holiday History, Here are 7+ Video Essays You Need to Watch This Halloween

Video essayists, educators, and public historians talking about Halloween. Image: screencaps from Elexus Jionde and Kaz Rowe.

One of my favorite places on YouTube is the video essay corner, and despite the heavy nature of most of the videos, there are a lot of fun ones, too! So in honor of my favorite holiday (Halloween), here are some of my favorites from the last few years. A handful of these are not in any sort of essay structure and function more like public histories. Both types of videos have crossover appeal and will be loved by nerds of all types. All of these creators have more recent work out there, too, so you should definitely follow up with the most interesting ones for 2022 uploads!

While many of these will touch on monsters and film, this is not The Best Video Essays on Horror Movies list. For one, I’m a newbie to horror and have no authority. Secondly, Cold Crash Pictures’ Candyman: Breaking All the Rules of Horror would be the first entry in that list, and it’s not here (but you should watch it anyways). Many of these will mention certain movies and horror subgenres, but none of these be a straight-up review or deep exploration of a single horror film.

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