Published On: Sat, Apr 23rd, 2022

Foodie Roguelite ‘Cuisineer’ Promises Plenty of Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

Pom from Cuisineer stars with bubble tea.

I am a simple woman of simple needs. I like roguelites, I like food, and I like cute girls doing cute things. When I set out for PAX East this month, I figured BattleBrew Productions’ Cuisineer would hit the metaphorical spot. After all, the game promises to combine all three things into an easy-to-learn dungeon crawling experience.

But what I wasn’t expecting was to find Cuisineer’s character design so utterly adorable. After a few minutes playing the upcoming indie title’s demo on the showfloor, I was hooked on the game’s female cast — especially its memorable lead.

The Mary Sue

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