Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2022

Everything We Know About Laura Donnelly’s ‘Werewolf by Night’ Character, Elsa Bloodstone

Elsa Bloodstone in Death of Doctor Strange Comic

Werewolf by Night is a new Marvel Halloween TV special from Disney Plus, centered on Werewolf by Night (a character sometimes referred to simply as Werewolf). There are two characters who have used the name Werewolf by Night in the Marvel comics—Jack Russell and Jake Gomez. While it was originally suspected that Marvel’s Halloween special would focus on Gomez, the special actually centers on the original Werewolf, Jack.

In the comics, Jack’s real name is Jacob Russoff, and there is a history of lycanthropy in the family. Jack’s father, Phillip, had anglicized his name to Russell, and Jack was unaware of his father’s history for many years. However, right before her death, Jack’s mother revealed to him the truth of his father’s identity. After her death, Jack shapeshifts into a werewolf for the first time to avenge her. While traditionally, he would only be able to shift on days there was a full moon, he also gained the ability to voluntarily shapeshift into Werewolf outside of the full moon cycle.

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