Published On: Fri, Jul 22nd, 2022

Ethan Hawke Recognizes His Daughter as a Whole Adult, What a Concept

Robin (Maya Hawke) and Steve (Joe Kerry) originally had a much different story in Stranger Things 3.

Ethan Hawke went on The View again for the first time since Moon Knight to promote his new directorial project, The Last Movie Stars. The six-part project with an impressive “cast” and range of documentation follows the lives of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Because his daughter, Maya Hawke, has a reoccurring role on the massively popular Stranger Things, many questions naturally came up about their relationship. One got kind of weird, as cohost Joy Behar as asked how Ethan felt about Maya appearing nude in a recent music video, to which he gave the best response, per usual for him.

She’s a full grown woman. She can do as she pleases. She can tell her truth. She can sing her song.

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