Published On: Sun, Oct 2nd, 2022

Elon Musk Unveils Underwhelming Robot Optimus at Tesla’s AI Day

Elon Musk debuted Optimus, a robot at Tesla AI Day.

Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world, and considered by many to be a vanguard genius with insight into the future. But recently, he’s shown himself to be less Tony Stark and more Tony Robbins: a creepy dude who talks a big game but fails to deliver. There’s his much publicized purchase of Twitter, which he is currently trying to squirrel his way out of. Then there’s that time he dangled a promise to solve world hunger and then folded. And who could forget when he pitched his fabled Hyperloop idea in an effort to stop California’s desperately needed high-speed rail? And that’s not to mention the sexist and deplorable working conditions at Tesla and the company’s highly flammable cars.

Musk’s latest disappointing unveiling occurred at Tesla’s AI Day, where Musk debuted a humanoid robot prototype named Optimus. Billed as the future of Tesla, Musk bragged that Optimus would be a “fundamental transformation of civilization as we know it.” Musk teased Optimus last year, but instead debuted a man dancing in a robot suit. Optimus fared slightly better, waving to the crowd, raising a knee, and … leaving the stage. It’s a far cry from Boston Dynamics’ own Atlas the robot, who can run, jump, and parkour all over the damn place.

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