Published On: Mon, Oct 3rd, 2022

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Is Just ‘Ready Player One’ for Incels

Harry Styles opening a car door in Don't Worry Darling

The drama surrounding Don’t Worry Darling has taken over the world in many ways. From the on-set rumors to the commentary on how the public conversation wouldn’t happen this way with a male directed project, to misleading press comments and more, the entire promotional tour deserves a movie in and of itself. One of the more upsetting parts of this film came from Olivia Wilde’s comments on female pleasure and its place in the film.

When you see Don’t Worry Darling, you’ll understand why comments like this are harmful not only to the message the film is actually sending but to young fans who are going to see this movie (despite its R rating) because of their love for its male lead, Harry Styles. Our Princess Weekes wrote up why this was a horrible strategy from the jump, and it plays into one of the twists that the movie gives to us.

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